Shareholder Information

Shares Issued

The number of shares in issue is 113,240,735.

Significant Shareholders

ShareholderNo. of ordinary shares% of issued share capital
TekCapital plc17,138,76715.13%
Nigel Wray(1)13,564,41311.98%
David Poutney(2)11,605,73110.25%
Stephen Hemsley3,070,6642.71%


(1)Of Nigel Wray’s beneficial holding of 13,564,413 Ordinary Shares, 1,993,333 Ordinary Shares are held through Minori Investments Limited, an entity owned by RBC Trustees (Jersey) Limited as trustee of The Priory Accumulation & Maintenance Trust. The Priory Accumulation & Maintenance Trust is a family trust settled by Nigel Wray whose beneficiaries are his children. In addition, 5,448,858 Ordinary Shares are held through Brendon Retirements Benefit Scheme, Nigel Wray’s self-administered pension scheme. Further, 3,900,000 Ordinary Shares are held through Euroblue Investments Limited. Also, 2,222,222 Ordinary Shares are held by The Edna Wray Accumulation & Maintenance Trust, a trust settled by Mr Wray’s mother and the beneficiaries are his children

(2) Includes 2,625,961 Ordinary Shares held by Vivienne Poutney, Mr Poutney’s spouse.

Director Shareholdings

Director No. of ordinary shares % of issued share capital
David Poutney(1) 11,605,731 10.25%
Adam Reynolds 1,087,916 0.96%
Robert Rauker 776,147 0.69%
Anthony Dyer 636,941 0.56%


(1) Includes 2,625,961 Ordinary Shares held by Vivienne Poutney, Mr Poutney’s spouse.

Shares not in public hands

Insofar as it is aware, 40% of the Company's securities is not in public hands.

Statement of the Rights of Shareholders

The rights of shareholders are governed by UK law.

Restrictions in transfer of AIM securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company's ordinary shares.

UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers

The Company is subject to the provisions of the City Code on Takeover and Mergers.

Other exchanges and trading platforms

Belluscura PLC has not applied or agreed to have any of its securities admitted or traded on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

Shareholder Circulars

11 June 2021Notice of Annual General Meeting to be held on 30 June 2021
 Form of Proxy for 2021 Annual General Meeting to be held on 30 June 2021
Page last updated: 11 June 2021

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